“Therapy with Diane has completely changed my day-to-day life. I understand myself and my
emotions and why I feel or react certain ways which I didn’t know before therapy. Diane
always makes your emotions feel heard and it’s a very safe space.”

“I am not trying to be dramatic when I say that my therapy sessions with Diane have been an
invaluable part of my life. Having come across Diane during an extremely tough time in my life, and
working through my trauma, I finally feel strong and at peace again. Diane provided me with the
tools I needed to begin regaining control and to process what has happened to me. It has not been easy, but Diane’s warm, friendly and gentle nature always reassured and encouraged me so that I could have my world brighter again. Diane provides a trustworthy, honest and supportive
environment and really works hard with you to overcome your challenges.”

“Diane’s warm and compassionate style has enabled me to finally speak openly about
traumatic childhood experiences, that have held me back in healing from recent chronic
illness. Diane allowed for a long period of time for our sessions to unfold, and my trust in our
relationship to develop. Her deep compassion, empathy and support as we reflected on my
experiences together, have helped me to move from re-experiencing difficult emotions from
my childhood, to feeling compassion for that child from my adult perspective. This work with
Diane has helped me to move through my chronic illness towards healing, and I am finally
getting my life back. I cannot recommend Diane highly enough.”

“Our time with Diane improved how we communicated with each other. The tools she gave us are invaluable to keeping our relationship alive!”

“We felt unheard and just pushed aside. I found this wonderful lady , my son took to Diane straight away doing CBT with him which helped him massively.  She gave him tools and strategies to help him get through his darkest days. For once he felt heard and taken seriously. Diane also collaborated with school which also helped a great deal. My son is doing so much better, is he cured? “No” but he is living a fulfilled life and dealing with episodes with a massive thank you to Diane. I also received a lot of support through the process and can’t recommend Diane enough . She worked wonders for my son and my family.” 

“We were advised by the NHS  to speak to a school counsellor but this did not help us. We found Diane.

She did CBT with my daughter, gave her strategies and tools to help her cope day to day since the waiting list for CAHMS was far too long. Fast forward a couple months no more self harming and she is able to use the tools Diane gave her to get through her difficult days. I can not recommend Diane enough, she has very inviting warm environment to match her character. My daughter took to her straight away and opened up almost immediately. Don’t leave it and think it’s a phase it will be the best investment you will make, peace of mind that your child is being supported in a very professional and nurturing environment. “

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